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The 5A Charging Technology Will BE Smarter And Safe

N.A.Y Electro Cambodia_  On September 02, 2019 technical training workshop at Siem Reap about how new 5A charger adapter become more better and safer. The recently of year the smartphone company have created the fast charge technology with bigger battery’s capacity but less time charging in 2013 the Qualcomm chips become more reliable and bigger battery support with its Quick Charge technology. But in 2017 Huawei have made a Huawei P10 and P10 Plus charger of 5A current and 5 voltage that could be a faster charger adapter called SuperCharge®, the last year Oppo have create a charger for Oppo F9 and it’s flagship named VOOC® Charger which could supply 3/3.5A current and 5voltage and the end of 2018 Vivo also make a charger name FlashCharge® which supply 3A current a while Apple have made Apple P.D and in the earlier Qualcomm’s made QC 3.0.

Today we have made a combination of these technology compatibility in just a charger. It’s smarter and safe in Super Fast Charge QC 5.0 adapter which support the transparent of SuperCharge®, VOOC®, Flash Charge®, P.D, QC4+.  The AC-048P is a wall charger adapter which has ability to support all 12V/9V/5V and 1A/2A/3A/5A/ current with main feature of over-cruise, over-voltage, over-temperature control and auto discount and slow down for battery cycle life.

Now you can order the Super Fast Charger SENMAXU AC-048P.

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